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The oryx is a large gazelle of African origins that has made its home in New Mexico on the White Sands Missile Range/Rhodes Canyon Military base properties and the areas that surround it. It’s a species of antelope, and many hunters enjoy the thrill associated with hunting oryx in New Mexico. At Wilderness Outfitter Productions, we can provide you with guided oryx hunts on range or off range on public land. You will appreciate the challenge they offer and their sheer size once you get up close.

We have teamed up with Spot & Stalk Outdoors to provide the hunters with exclusive oryx hunts in New Mexico on private land. The rules governing oryx hunting can be a bit complicated if you aren’t familiar with them, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them before you start planning your trip. Outfitting these hunts here in NM are a unique opportunity.  We can provide you with all-inclusive private land access to allow you to hunt for oryx safely.

In addition to offering guided oryx hunts, we also offer several other services as well. We will give you the option of obtaining a professional video of your hunt so that you can look back and remember your hunting experience. 

To schedule a guided oryx hunting trip with Wilderness Outfitter Productions, call (505) 330-9776 today.


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