Our guides are experienced and have established certifications above the NM state qualifications.  In effort to level up progress toward a profession in Guiding and outdoor adventures we have Highly Qualified, Professional and Master Guide credentials. All Guides featured have 3 yrs minimum taking care of Hunters for WildOutPro!

Level 1 Highly Qualified Guide: (First Aid/CPR with guide certification, Leave no trace, background check) 1-3 years experience


Level 2 Professional Guide: (Level 1 certifications plus additional certifications: Wilderness responder/EMT,Hunter Education instructor, etc) 3-5 years experience with several client referrals

Level 3 Master Guide:  Established client list with additional level 2 certifications plus 5 years or more of experience

Meet The Guides


Aaron Bauer

Master Guide Aaron Bauer with over 10 years of guiding experience and has a trained eye for spotting plains game as well as trophy elk and other big game animals.  Aaron will get you in the action and into a trophy harvest photo.


Derek Martin

Derek Martin Master guide clocks in 15 years of guiding youth Hunters in NM. He enjoys teaching and coaching youth Hunter Safety classes and guide training for the WildOutPro staff.  


Terry Maness

Professional Guide Terry Maness enjoys hunting with family and friends and you won’t find a better friend on the trail. He is an experienced Hunter Education Instructor and will find a way to get you on your Game!


Rocky Martin

Highly Qualified and experienced Guide Rocky Martin knows how to find big bucks and bulls. He will stalk you into a great opportunity for your next wall hanger. 


Tyler Housley

Tyler Housley Professional Guide is your go to guide for back country hunts. He is a firefighter with certifications in EMT, search and rescue, and is a ropes technician with many back country hours. Rest assured you will be safe to venture into the most remote trophy wilderness with Tyler’s guidance and training.


Dalton Martin

Dalton Martin Professional Guide is a young guide with over 5 years of Hunter Education Training. He is a firefighter with certifications in EMT, search and rescue, and is a ropes technician. This guide is no longer a rookie and already has logged numerous trophy photos for his clients. 


Brian Shock

Master Guide Brian Shock, aka, “Coach” has been fly fishing the Quality Waters of the San Juan River for over 18 years. He has the passion and drive to help his clients have incredible days.  Whether you’re a veteran or a novice, Brian can take care of your fly fishing needs. His patience and a fun loving attitude is suited for all ages. Come enjoy a day on the river with Coach.


Todd McCoy

Master Guide Todd McCoy 53, fished for 40 years and has an internal GPS of every hole and sweet spot on the San Juan for the best wading experience. Todd is your go to guide for having a great time wading into the trophy waters of the San Juan River, Quality Waters.


Matt Martin

Matt Martin is a highly qualified Guide with a passion and effort to hook into a lunker. Matt enjoys the variety of methods to ensure success, from stalking the shallows to streamer fishing the deep water.  You might also find him in the wild backwaters looking for the native fish that has never seen an artificial fly.


Mike Aranda

Mike Aranda Highly Qualified Guide has been taking care of Hunters for WildOutPro for years and can get those tags filled and freezers stocked.  Mike also is NM lifelong resident with many landowner connections.


Don Burkhart

Don Burkhart Highly Qualified Guide has a career profile in the Video Production Industry. He is ready to roll and get you on the trophy of your dreams and has the capability to make it a live action film for your library to the big screen.


Justin Bert

Justin Burt Professional Guide has been putting hunters on Barbary Sheep and knows how to bag up some trophies of his own. He will spot em from afar and get you up close and poised for a trophy kill.