Trophy Hunting and Fishing

Trophy Hunting and Fishing/ Buffalo Hunts in New Mexico

New Mexico is an absolutely beautiful place to hunt. There is so much to see in the state, and you will be blown away by all its majestic scenery. You will also be amazed by how much big game is located in New Mexico. From bighorn sheep to mountain lions, there are so many options available to hunters.  So if you are ready for any Big Game hunting and or fishing in New Mexico we can outfit and guide your experience. 

Once you arrange your hunt, you should also be sure to document it so that you don’t ever forget it. Our guides can assist you with this by filming your entire hunt and providing you with a professional video once you’re done. We also offer taxidermy services for the big game you bag during a hunt. We strive to provide hunters with the best possible hunting experience.

If you want to find out how you can make trophy hunting in NM a reality, contact Wilderness Outfitter Productions at (505) 330-9776 today.

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