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Mule Deer Hunting

Full Service Mule Deer Hunting Outfitter 
The North West New Mexico Mule Deer bucks that reside in our public and private lands offer some of the best mule deer hunting in the Western states. The native lands that surround our Mule Deer Units have world class hunting and when these bucks migrate into the wintering area you can bet we will be glassing up some big trophy bucks. January migration mule deer hunts with a bow are action packed and our late season October and November hunts are great choices for the buck of a lifetime. Youth hunters can have great areas to hunt for the Buck of their dreams. So contact us now to get you placed in the NM lottery drawing. The deadline is mid-March for the best draw chances for outfitted hunts.
Mule Deer Hunt Information
Upon successful draw the clients will be able to use a guide as per contract. All guides employed by Wilderness Outfitter Productions are registered (NMG&F), experienced and highly qualified hunters with required first aid and CPR training.

We share your passion for New Mexico Big Game hunting and offer these services:

• Semi-guided 2 day New Meixico Mule Deer hunting (Affordable for any budget) - $1,500

• Fully guided 5 day New Mexico Mule Deer hunting with basecamp options starting - $3,000

• Full Service 5 day New Mexico Mule Deer hunting
(includes- guide, camp setting or lodging, camp cooked meals) -$3,500

• Other Full Service hunts with Guide, Camp Cook and Basecamp available . Pricing upon request.

Videography, editing and production is an additional 500.00
Hunters are responsible for NMGF licencse hunt fees.
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