Mountain Lion Hunting

Guided Mountain Lion Hunting in New Mexico

Hunting mountain lions is one of the most exciting things you can do as a hunter. From tracking these impressive beasts to taking your best shot and these hunts are truly thrilling. You might need a hand if you’re hunting in unfamiliar territory, however. At Wilderness Outfitter Productions, we can assist you with one of our guided mountain lion hunts in New Mexico.

During a guided mountain lion hunt, we can show hunters all the ins and outs of the local land. Mountain lions are often found in trees, near rocks and ledges, and in a variety of other spots that can be easy to miss. If you were to try and find them on your own, you might not have much luck. With the guides and experienced houndsmen from Wilderness Outfitter Productions we will get you to the tree or bayed up in the rocks and cliff edges. Hunters can rest easy knowing that your mountain lion hunting experience will be everything you hoped for.  A guided mountain lion hunt in NM will let you experience what the thrill of the chase is all about. We can also provide you with lodging options, taxidermy, and videography services to film the entire hunt so you can relive it for years to come.

For more information on our guided mountain lion hunts in New Mexico, give us a call at (505) 330-9776 today.

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