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Youth hunting opportunities in New Mexico offer a unique advantage. There is no minimum age for youth hunters and NM offers a Youth Mentor Program for kids that hunt with an adult over 18 years of age. The program is outlined on the New Mexico Game and Fish website. There are also youth encouragement hunts available on line and those hunts vary each year. We have been blessed to help these first time hunters harvest their first animal and in some cases a trophy class first buck or bull elk. It is my passion to capture the thrill of the hunt on camera and save those cherished memories bringing the hunt back to life. So when you press play the "Blessings in the field" bring back the emotions of a lifetime. This is for parents wishing to get their child a positive first time experience and pass on the hunting heritage. Please ask Derek Martin a Hunter Education Instructor for the details and specifics. .

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New Mexico Youth Hunting
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