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Bat Cross Training is the commitment to constantly improve in three areas Physical, Mental and Spiritual fitness.  The most important is Faith and from a foundation and belief of Faith in God then all things become possible-Phil 4:13.  Athletic sports such as Baseball, Softball, etc. and in any adventure sport in the outdoors from backpacking and hiking to hunting and fishing the need to condition quality character traits are vital for success in life. The life lessons and values gained from serving others and being self-less are paramount for the success of the team or organization you represent.  So if you are a sports athlete or wilderness athlete I would encourage you to cross train, putting Faith first in all of your endeavors.  In all you do, do His work with yours.  Find your purpose in life and use your gifts and passion to fuel your pursuits. 

Bat Crosses

Bat Cross Training Camps and day clinics exercise the “Faith first” in sports and from the prayer before competition to the end of the game- in victory and defeat give Him all the glory.  The Fellowship of Christian Athletes mission is to “Unite your passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ.”    The most important Teammate you can have is our Lord and Savior so if you want to win in life you better have Him on your team.

Coach Martin
Purpose:  To Coach and Guide for God
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             FOR SALE

  • Price List:

  • Bat Cross with Baseball/Softball: $60

  • Custom Connie Mack World Series Bat: $70

  • Bat Cross with materials provided by you: $40

bat crosses for sale, Christian baseball gift

Derek Martin –

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bat crosses for sale
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